AUGENBLICK MAL! 2021 • The Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences • 16th – 21st April 2021 • Berlin
© Ossian Hain


School Excursion


#Children's Theatre
When: tba
Where: tba
Recommended for ages: 8+
Duration: 120 minutes, no intermission

Between math notebooks and ink stains, chalk dust and overhead projectors, pencil sharpeners and water colours, everyone sits well-behaved and quietly in the classroom and studies. Really everyone? No way! Today it’s time for a class outing! We pack away our notebooks and take our mates by the hand. Raise the curtain! The field trip conveys us to undiscovered areas of the educational system. In the whirl of disciplinary strategies and lunch boxes, the audio walk and classroom play morph into an adventurous excursion into the unknown domains of a Berlin school.

The performance group Hain/Kapsner/Mahlow/Romanowski was formed at the Mousonturm Frankfurt. The four artists connected because they all had the same question: How can we make challenging political theatre for children and young people? Theatre that takes its audiences and actors and actresses seriously and yet remains empathetic. The resulting works should not just be considered for young people, but for everyone.

More about the performance.

Concept, Performance: Ossian Hain, Anne Kapsner, Anne Mahlow, Arthur Romanowski
Set: Nora Schneider
Technician: David Hoffmann
Production Manager: Anja Schneidereit
School: Marina Bock
Thanks to TheaterGrueneSosse

In collaboration with IGS Herder. A Mousonturm Co-Production. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Art Hessia as part of the intergenerational mediation initiative: "ALL IN - FÜR PUBLIKUM JEDEN ALTERS" (“ALL IN – FOR AUDIENCES OF ALL AGES”), the Kulturamt Frankfurt and the Fonds Darstellende Künste. Conceptual research within the next generation workspace – a residency production of the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Starke-Stücke-Festival, Theaterhaus Frankfurt and the Theaterakademie Hessia.