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Drei Personen in Kleidung, die an Bäume erinnert, stehen mit ausgestreckten Armen auf der Bühne.
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Robin und die Hoods

Robin and the Hoods
pulk fiktion
#Children's Theatre
When: Sun 23.04. 16:00
Mon 24.04. 11:00
Mon 24.04. 15:00
Where: Festival Center Theater Strahl Ostkreuz / Hall downstairs 
Recommended for ages: 8+ (ab 3. Klasse)
Duration: 60 minutes, no intermission


To what extent are we Robin Hood and do we really want to be Robin Hood? What weapons are okay if fighting for a just cause? And what is just, anyway? Where does our complex world today reach beyond the scope of our model?

"Robin and the Hoods" tackles questions of birthright, distribution and justice backed by the King of Thieves - Robin Hood. Playfully, with electropunk music and dancing in tights, pulk fiction rehearses the uprising for people 8 years and older. They set out on the trail of historical reality and, without blaming and pointing fingers, negotiate the burning question of how to achieve a fair life for everyone. And how emphatically people can, must, should, may and want to stand up for their ideas and convictions in order to be heard.

pulk fiktion is a performance group founded in 2007 and based in Cologne. A heterogeneous group of artists from the theater, film, music, performance, video art and interactive media work in different constellations on productions for children, young people and adults.

Follow-up conversations

After all performances, there will be several follow-up conversations lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. The talks will be divided up on the spot. For this guest performance, there will always be a conversation in DGS (or with an interpreter) as well as spatially accessible offers. Information about the presenters can be found here.


Cast: Julia Hoffstaedter, Marouf Alhassan, Franziska Schmitz, Nicolas Schneider
Concept: pulk fiktion
Director: Marcus Thomas
Set design: Norman Grotegut
Music: Nicolas Schneider
Choreography: Elisabeth Hofmann
Dramaturgy: Hannah Biedermann
Technical equipment and Acting: Peter Behle
Production: Esther Schneider
Financial Management: transmission

A co-production of pulk fiktion with Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln, FFT Düsseldorf, Theater M. a. Ruhr and LOT-Theater Braunschweig. Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Kunststiftung NRW.


Reading the title of this production, you might think that pulk fiktion has brought the tried and tested story of the medieval hero Robin Hood onto the stage. But no. Well, yes, they have. And yet: not quite! "Robin and the Hoods" is based on  the aforementioned 16th century justice fighter, but brings him up-to-date by dealing with urgent discourses on social justice and classism in a very approachable manner: the audience is confronted with examples and questions that deal with tensions between fairness and the ethics of distribution, taken from real life and thus do not place the discourse on an abstract philosophical level, but emphasize the necessity of dealing with questions of justice in the present.

Despite the topic’s urgency, "Robin and the Hoods" is never self-righteous - on the contrary: the audience is invited to attend a very enjoyable theater experience, because pulk fiktion delights in experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities that theater art offers. They rap, involve their audience in the progress of the narration or translate action movie sequences  for the stage - "Robin and the Hoods" takes endless shots at fusing political concern with a wide range of aesthetics. A convincing experiment!

Content Note

Sensory triggers

  • interactive elements/ elements where the audience is involved