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The Kid’s Theater Advisory Council of GRIPS joins in

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  • 05/11/19 12:15 pm
    GRIPS Podewil
    Begrenzte Teilnehmer˟innenzahl!


The project Kid’s Theater Advisory Council is a project of GRIPS Werke e.V. in cooperation with GRIPS Theater, Evangelischen Johnnestift – Campaign Kinder beflügeln (Inspire Kids) and Kulturprojekte Berlin. The project is funded by Wege ins Theater! (Ways to the Theater!), the funding program of ASSITEJ as part of Kultur macht starkt! Bündnisse für Bildung (Culture Makes You Big and Strong! Alliances for Education).

The kids of the Kid’s Theater Advisory Council will accompany the festival for four days as experts of the reality of life, as seen from a kid’s perspective. The interactive post-performance format Blick’s mal! is intended to allow an exchange between different groups of experts on the topic of individual productions: themes include the material, the artistic approach, its communication and the reception of the production. In doing so, three perspectives on the festival productions play a role: that of the theater makers, that of the
educators and that of the audience target group, represented by the kids of the Kid’s Theater Advisory Council. The following selected festival productions will be examined and mutually discussed: Jetzt bestimme ich, Feind and

The Kid’s Theater Advisory Council is composed of 15 children between the ages of 8 and 12 who support GRIPS Theater in diverse ways as advisors and inspiration and contribute their experiences and perspectives of reality to it.

The maximum number of participants, include all children, visiting industry professionals and other interested parties is 25.

To register, please send an email to:

Coordination: Friederike Dunger and Laura Mirjam Walter