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Lyriks ... von Unendlichkeit umarmt

Lyriks ... Embraced by Infinity
Theater an der Ruhr
#Youth Theatre
When: Tue 25.04. 19:30
Wed 26.04. 17:00
Where: Theater an der Parkaue / Stage 4
Recommended for ages: 14+ (ab 9. Klasse)
Duration: 80 minutes, no intermission


A universe of poetry. A journey through time and space, a concert of words, a lyrical album full of loud and quiet images. Lyricism, poetry: feeling, rhythm, sound of words, meter, music, metaphors ... Sometimes following strict rules and then free. Poetry is an infinite world of playing with language: big becomes small, small becomes big, words go together with words that otherwise do not belong together. Poems are open worlds, small or large, whose secrets must be discovered.

Under the name subbotnik, the theater makers and musicians Kornelius Heidebrecht, Martin Kloepfer and Oleg Zhukov came together in 2011. They develop new formats at the interface between performative storytelling, concert and live radio play. In 2013, the group was awarded the Förderpreis für Darstellende Kunst of the city of Düsseldorf for their theater work. Their trilogy "Gods - Heroes - Cities" received numerous awards and festival invitations. For the production "Zuhause" they received the Cologne Theater Prize 2021.

Follow-up conversations

After all performances, there will be several follow-up conversations lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. The talks will be divided up on the spot. There is always a talkback in English (or with English interpretation) for this guest performance, as well as spatially accessible options. Information about the presenters can be found here.


Cast: Berit Vander, Steffen Reuber, Leonhard Hugger, Jacqueline Ferreira Dourado, Kornelius Heidebrecht, Martin Kloepfer, Oleg Zhukov
Director: subbotnik
Dramaturgy and Production Management: Nora Vollmond
Lighting Design: Fritz Dumcius
Costume Design: Heinke Stork

In cooperation with the FFT Düsseldorf and the FWT Cologne. Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.



As the sensuous title suggests, the subbotnik collective takes its audience on a journey via music and theatrics into the world of ten poems and one song. Each text stands for one setting and takes the audience to other countries, to other times, to special places or to certain feelings. Individually or in dialogue, the performers personally show where the respective poem leads them, always accompanied by live-performed sounds and music that were specifically composed for this purpose. Thus, one scene leads from their school days in the Ukraine to the next scene in Belarus to the memory of a song from school lessons and a little later, with the help of Wolf Wondratschek's poem "In the Cars", you find yourself in one of those.

Never boring, always entertaining and matching the pulse and character of the respective text, the performers create musical and theatrical atmospheres that convey their own approaches to the texts.

"Lyrics... embraced by infinity" is a homage to the word-sound experiment and to the resources of theater. It is a play about beauty and minimalism with words and sounds, where even the delicate bubbling of the coffee machine becomes stage magic. Wistful one moment, then briefly cheerful, serious again, suddenly reverent – tension is built up, leading from one scene to the next, challenging the viewing and listening habits in the process. The collective refers to their performance as a "lyrical album full of loud and quiet images" and it could not be expressed more aptly. The selection of texts is a voyage of discovery into the world of poetry and an invitation to the audience to let themselves be seduced by poetry but also to feel free to decide what they want to see, feel and sense.

"You don't have to do anything" - but you can rediscover a whole lot if you look and listen carefully. That's exactly what this powerful sensuous and musical theater experience by subbotnik invites you to do.

Dorothea Lübbe

Content Note

The play Lyriks… von Unendlichkeit uses fog to stimulate sensory stimuli through smell. 

Watch at your own risk, so decide for yourself whether you might feel triggered by the piece or not