Sociopath / Hamlet

Stary Dom Theater, Novosibirsk (RUS) Russian with simultaneous translation into German


With Larisa Chernobaeva, Anatoliy Grigorev, Stanislav Kochetkov, Yan Latyshev, Timofey Mamlin, Vitaliy Sayanok, Alexandr Sharafutdinov, Sofya Vasileva, Alexandr Vostrukhin Voice Tomasz Stompor

Direction Andrey Prikotenko
Stage Design Olga Shaishmelashvili
Lighting Design Igor Fomin
Video Design Oleg Mikhailov, Konstantin Shchepanovsky
Choreography Alexander Andriyashkin
Creative Producer Oksana Efremenko

Age 18 years and older
Duration 120 minutes

Time & Location

  • 05/08/19 7:00 pm
    Sophiensæle / Festsaal
  • 05/09/19 10:00 am
    Sophiensæle / Festsaal

The classical hero Orestes, the Scandinavian prince Amlethus from the 12th century and Shakespeare’s legendary Hamlet, a romantic character from the 16th century – all well-known protagonists of world literature. Protagonists who voluntarily or involuntarily take on the entire world, become lost in themselves and in time and who have to make the most important decision of their respective lives. Sociopath / Hamlet rewrites Shakespeare’s famous play and sends the characters on a journey through the consciousness of the main character – a sociopath.

Andrey Prikotenko has worked in theaters in Moscow, Riga and St. Petersburg, was the artistic director of the Mikhail Chekhov Theater, Riga and is currently the artistic director of the Stariy Dom Theater in Novosibirsk. His more than 30 productions have been invited to a variety of festivals including, amongst others, the interregional festival Novo-Siberian Transit and the international festival Baltic House.