AUGENBLICK MAL! 2023 will take place in Berlin from 21 to 26 April 2023!
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Virtual festival centre

Virtuelles Festivalzentrum

When & Where: Fri 16.04. 14:00,
Sat 17.04. 10:00,
Sun 18.04. 10:00,
Mon 19.04. 08:30,
Tue 20.04. 09:00,
Wed 21.04. 09:00,

Our virtual festival centre is located in A place where you can hang out and mingle with people. In the virtual rooms of our cooperation partners, you can watch streams together with others and chat about them afterwards. Our youth editorial team: the Hingucker*innen (the eye-catchers) has its editorial office here, and on the different floors you'll discover lots from the past 30 years of AUGENBLICK MAL! Let yourself be surprised by our walking acts and the encounters with the Blick's mal! Kids (Get it! Kids)!

With this virtual festival centre, we'll give you and us the opportunity to experience this festival together. We are using the digital platform, which we explain in detail in our service area. We are very happy we can become a festival community through this virtual place. It doesn't matter where you live - everyone is welcome!

The admission to is free of charge. To make this space a good place for all visitors, we need you to register here. This will give us an overview of how many people are with us. If you need help, if there are any conflicts or if you are experiencing discrimination, the room managers and the awareness team are there for you.