AUGENBLICK MAL! 2023 will take place in Berlin from 21 to 26 April 2023!
Menschen, die zusammensitzen und miteinander sprechen.
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Follow-up conversations

Verschiedene Gespräche nach jeder Vorstellung
Where: Various venues



In this edition of the festival, we will offer more follow-up conversations than ever before! It's your festival: we want to invite you to find your own personal path through the festival and help shape the communication about your festival visit. Would you prefer to talk to many people or in small groups? Do you want to talk at all or would you rather initiate talks? In which language do you need to talk? Would you like to talk to dramaturges about the performance or would you rather talk to young people?  We would like to approach all festival guests with this diversity of opportunities. As there are so many of them, there are also many people who’d like to invite you to talk to them after the theater:

  • Kübra Sekin, Megha Kono-Patel, Ulrike Leßmann, Volkan Türeli, Thilo Grawe work in different professions at different theaters. They will discuss theater and reflect on how and, above all, for whom theater is made.
  • The representation for young perspectives Alicia Ulfik, Florian Hecht, Jana Oehlerking, Lena Riemer, Mariella Pierza and Nicole Etschberger. (Read more about the representation here)
  • Students of the University of Fine Arts Braunschweig and the University of Hildesheim (head of seminar: Maike Gunsilius and Johannes Kup).

You can find out exactly who will be holding which talks during the festival in this document.

Collectively, we will discuss the topics that can come up during theater visits: the content or the stage design; about who was involved in the guest performance; about issues you really liked or found problematic about the plays. And about how we want to talk to each other in general: Because everyone sees a play differently. It's exciting to discuss the different points of view. Most of the discussions take place in German spoken language, some in German sign language (with interpreters), some in English spoken language. You will receive information about the talks directly on site during your visit to the theatre. The distribution to the talks takes place after each performance.

No registration required.