AUGENBLICK MAL! 2021 • The Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences • 16th – 21st April 2021 • Berlin
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Fennymore oder wie man Dackel im Salzmantel macht

Fennymore or How to Salt-Bake a Dachshund

An anti-dictator piece by Kirsten Reinhardt & Sebastian Mauksch in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost

#Children's Theatre
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Where: tba
Recommended for ages: 9+ ((4th – 6th grade)
Duration: 75 minutes, no intermission

What a strange town - where it rains constantly and all of us must wear a raincoat? And this weird Doctor Uhrengut who wants to become mayor for life? Fennymore has the right to vote. And so does the audience. But before election day, everyone roams the town and encounters Auntie Else in her pub The Salt-Baked Dachshund, sports coach Mr. Muckenthaler, the opinionated bicycle Monbijou and – wait a minute! – was that the Reaper over there?! An interactive performance that ends with the election - the outcome depends on the election results and will be determined all over again at the end each performance.

An adaption of the children’s novel Fennymore and the Brumella or How to salt-bake a Dachshund by Kirsten Reinhardt who writes children’s books, poems and texts for the theatre and occasionally a Berlin scene for the taz newspaper. She lives in Berlin-Wedding.

With and By: Toni Jessen, Tilla Kratochwil, Mathias Lenz
Author: Kirsten Reinhardt
Artistic Director: Sebastian Mauksch
Stage & Costume: Caroline Rössle Harper
Assistant Stage & Costume: Julian Demuth
Sound: Mathias Lenz
Lighting: Fabian Eichner
Theatrical Pedagogical Support: Sofie Hüsler
Production: Miriam Glöckler

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.