Face it!

POST-PERFORMANCE DISCUSSION Klang-Stücke, Mädchen wie die, Soziopath / Hamlet


Time & Location

  • 05/09/19 12:30 pm
    THEATER AN DER PARKAUE / Studiobühne

These afternoons are dedicated to preserving and processing impressions: In a variety of formats, the audience’s experience of viewing the productions will be discussed, roles will be exchanged, the audience will communicate via smartphone or leave the confines of the theater to move into urban space.
Multiple formats from the handbook Between Audience and Stage. Communication Formats for the Independent Performing Arts (Berlin Performing Arts Program, 2018) as well as performance discussion with the cultural scholar Thilo Grawe (Hildesheim) will be offered.

Admission tickets are required; assignment to the formats take places on-site.