AUGENBLICK MAL! 2021 • The Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences • 16th – 21st April 2021 • Berlin

(.....) Ein Stück, dem es scheißegal ist, dass sein Titel vage ist

(.....) A Play that Does Not Give a Shit that Its Title Is Vague

Theater Artemis / Jetse Batelaan in co-production with the Künstlerhaus (artists house) Mousonturm and Ruhrtriennale 2018-2020

#Youth Theatre
When: tba
Where: tba
Recommended for ages: 12+
Duration: 75 minutes, no intermission

What can theatre achieve? Everything! It lives by assertion and complicity with the audience. We see a square and a construction site. We hear the voices of …wait a minute! There's something wrong here. A capricious plot unfolds playing with our expectations and ideas of security. A cunning and witty production about reality and imagination.

The Dutch author and director Jetse Batelaan is one of the most unconventional protagonists in a new generation of theatre makers. He is the artistic director of the Theater Artemis and was awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2019.

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Cast: Willemijn Zevenhuijzen, Carola Bärtschiger, Elias de Bruyne
Director: Jetse Batelaan
Costume: Eva Koopmans
Music: Les Trucs (Charlotte Simon, Toben Piel)
Stage: Theun Mosk
Dramaturge: Anna Wagner & Marcus Droß

Work commissioned as part of the Frankfurt Positionen Festival 2019, an initiative of the BHF BANK foundation. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Art Hessia as part of the intergenerational mediation initiative: "ALL IN - FÜR PUBLIKUM JEDEN ALTERS" (ALL IN – FOR AUDIENCES OF ALL AGES) and the performing arts fund NL.