AUGENBLICK MAL! 2023 will take place in Berlin from 21 to 26 April 2023!
Offene Enden von einigen blauen Plastikröhren. Darunter stehen die Worte Kritik, steile these, Utope, Frage, talk to me. Von jedem Wort führt ein Pfeil zur Öffnung eines Rohres.
© Renata Chueire

Critical analysis of racism for theater makers

Talk with Aktionsbündnis_____ (AB _____)
When: Tue 25.04. 14:30
Where: Festival Center Theater Strahl Ostkreuz
Duration: 90 minutes, no intermission


We, the Aktionsbündnis_____ (AB _____), are Céline Bartholomaeus, Thilo Grawe, Nora Patyk, Christina Schahabi, Lea Sherin and Nika Warias. We cover different intersectional experiences and have been working on a handout “Critique of Racism for theatre makers” over the last year as part of a conference series "Frankfurter Forum Junges Theater". All of us are or were active as theatre mediators, dramaturges, or students at young theatres in Germany. The project of the handout went on tour with the "FForum" and was thus further developed from station to station.

Now the booklet is out: we would like to tell you about the work on the handout, exchange ideas with you about how to use the handout - and perhaps meet up with some of the people who discussed this with us and wrote about it in 2022.

No registration required.