AUGENBLICK MAL! 2021 • The Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences • 16th – 21st April 2021 • Berlin
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Boys don't dance

E-Motion / Takao Baba

#Children's Theatre
When: tba
Where: tba
Recommended for ages: 6+
Duration: 60 minutes, no intermission

As children we are all pop stars in our own room, we feel fine when filtered and almost every child improvises the floss dance. Dance styles are created via Games and TikTok and go viral all over the world. To what extent is our body language influenced from the outside? Three dancers and one musician adopt the movements of others and demonstrate how they create their own dance style from those moves. An infectious inspiration for everyone in the audience - regardless of whether they are boys or girls.

Takao Baba is one of the leading hip-hop choreographers in Germany. He connects different hip hop styles with the expressive forms of contemporary dance. His performances are characterized by a high physical intensity and visual diversity. He founded the platform Dance Unity in 2003, to promote urban dance forms. It organises urban dance events like Funkin’ Stylez and Juste Debout together with tanzhaus nrw.

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Choreographers, Dancers: Takao Baba, Felix Küpper, Solomon Quaynoo
Concept: Takao Baba
Music, Dance: Jenny Thiele
Outside Eye: Mijke Harmsen
Costume: Charlotte Grewer
Lighting Design: Horst Mühlberger
Live Tagtool & Animation: Christian Spieß
Production Manager: Susanne Berthold