For the past 30 years the Children and Youth Theatre Centre has been offering a platform to audiences and performers of the youth theatre scene - the AUGENBLICK MAL! festival. A space where vibrant exchanges on forms and content of theatre take place.

The performances presented challenge the “But-It’s-always-been-like-that”. We bring this approach into every area of our festival. That’s why we are working hard on focussing our attention on participation and diversity. You can be part of it! This is our ambition, as well as our mission. Let's make sure this becomes reality!

With a critical anti-discriminatory approach, we are raising our awareness for challenges and are trying to find answers on how to deal with the lack of diversity in theatre for young audiences.

We are aware that we can’t break down all the barriers immediately. But we want to identify them, name them and transparently communicate them to the wider world. In this spirit we hope to take the first steps towards an anti-discriminatory festival.

For more information, please contact our diversity manager Mirrianne Mahn: