The AUGENBLICK MAL! Festival once again celebrates inspiring productions for young audiences. This year we are also focusing our attention on participation and diversity. To be able to participate! - That is our wish, but at the same time it is also a mission for our festival. We are striving to make access as barrier-free as possible for everyone. Step by step we are approaching this goal. We are paying special attention to barriers for people with mobility impairments as well as deaf and hearing-impaired people. 

Throughout the festival, trained staff and a for systemic discrimination aware, awareness team will be available on site and by phone. They will be happy to answer your questions, assist as much as possible or help you on your way, for example, on the festival grounds. 


Most of the venues, apart from the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, are accessible for wheelchair users. There are wheelchair-accessible toilets in all venues except Tanzhalle Wiesenburg. In addition, there are occasional gender-neutral toilets that do not define according to the binary gender construct of men/women. Lifts are available at the Festival Centre at Strahl Theatre at Ostkreuz, the ATZE Musiktheater and GRIPS Theatre. The stages in FELD Theatre as well as in Theater an der Parkaue are accessible at ground level. 
If you need a break from the festival hustle and bustle, there is a low-stimulus relaxation room in the festival centre at theatre Strahl am Ostkreuz. 
There are content warnings for the plays. You can find out about sensory and emotional triggers in advance on our website by scrolling to the bottom of the page for each production. 
Our website is screen reader compatible and accessible for blind users. 
Ticket sales are accessible aswell. Please let us know your individual accessibility needs in advance by calling our ticket service on 030 - 479 974 74 (Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm & Sunday: 12pm - 8pm) or contact us via the ticket booking form. 
Nevertheless, we are not (yet) barrier-free. We are aware that we cannot remove all barriers at once. But we want to name them and communicate them transparently to the outside world. This is our way to a festival that follows an anti-discriminatory approach.  
Unfortunately, we are not yet able to provide for all accessibility needs at the moment. For example, this year we cannot provide audio description, event information in plain language or childcare. There are no tactile guidance systems in any of the venues, nor is there an accompaniment and support service for blind patrons. 


The productions "Robin and the Hoods" and "DINGE DINGEN" are offered in sign language. "DINGE DINGEN" is not only translated into German sign language, but will be performed with sign language as part of the play. 
In addition, for our English-speaking audience there are English surtitles (i.e. English subtitles placed on a screen e.g. above the stage) for the productions "DINGE DINGEN", "Robin and the Hoods", "Body Boom Boom Brain", "Die Verdunklung II - Coronaleuchten", "Lyriks ... von Unendlichkeit umarmt". 
To ensure that as many visitors as possible can take part in the follow-up talks, there will be talks in German and English spoken language and some also in German sign language (or with sign language interpreters). 


Do you feel unsafe? 
Do you feel threatened? 
Have you been touched or looked at inappropriately? 
Have you been insulted or excluded in a racist, sexist, anti-queer, anti-disabled or discriminatory ways? 
Have you witnessed a violation of boundaries and would like to talk about it? 
Do you encounter barriers on the festival grounds? 
Violence and discrimination can happen anywhere and are a sign of grievances and power structures in our society. 
We want to create a space of protection where those affected can be sure that they will be listened to and treated in a trusting and responsible manner. 
The festival will be accompanied by a mobile awareness team, which will be there for you during and after the festival on site as well as by phone or email. You can contact this team if you experience discriminatory experiences and violations of personal boundaries during the festival. They are also available for criticism and suggestions.  

We, Ann, Gus, Marlo and Lily, are on the road for you at all festival locations and are approachable, come and talk to us! 

Talk to us - you will recognize us by our pink caps.  

Call us on 01783032549 or 01783032032,  

or send us a message via Messenger Signal,  

or email us at      

We analyse power structures continuously and critically. You can find our code of conduct as a download under Service | LOOK AHEAD! 2023 in the digital festival info.