For the past 30 years the AUGENBLICK MAL! festival has presented outstanding productions for a young audience that challenge the world we live in and the ‘it-has- always-been-done-like-that’ spirit.

We bring this approach into every area of our festival. We are working hard on focussing our attention on participation and diversity. You can be part of it! This is our ambition, as well as our mission.

With a critical anti-discriminatory approach, we are committed to raising our awareness for the challenges and are trying to find answers on how to deal with the lack of diversity in Theatre for Young Audiences.

So, what do we actually do? A virtual festival offers people with reduced mobility the possibility to participate more easily. But digital doesn’t mean it’s immediately accessible for everyone and so we explain in detailed tutorials how these digital tools work. We suggest practical shortcuts and make our technical helpline visible on every platform, to make the festival more accessible.

We show selected productions and talks with a German sign language interpreter. All our productions and most of the talks are translated into English. There will be trigger warnings for the plays, to inform you in advance about physical triggers and content warnings.

The festival will be accompanied by an awareness team that will be there for you during and after the festival. Please contact this team if you experience any discrimination during the festival. It is also open for criticism and suggestions. You can contact the team here: and during the festival by phone +49-69-24745579-1.

But let’s be honest – we are not completely accessible: is an exciting platform, but it has some disadvantages. Lots of things are not visibly clear, children under 13 are not allowed to use it without parental consent and interpretation into sign language is not automatically possible for everyone. We can’t offer an audio description yet and not all the information is available in easy language.

We are aware that we can’t break down all the barriers immediately. But we want to identify them, name them and transparently communicate them to the wider world. In this spirit we hope to take the first steps towards an anti-discriminatory festival.

When a lot of people get together, you need rules and a few precautionary measures. We therefore ask for your understanding that for your and our protection …

… all public chats are supervised by a moderator who can also delete posts.
… Screen sharing in is not possible.
… Private chats are not possible in Zoom.