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Brigitte Dethier and David Gruschka

…because we are the underdogs of the theatre scene!
Brigitte Dethier

Brigitte Dethier

Brigitte Dethier is the artistic manager at the Junges Ensemble Stuttgart where she also directs plays, and she is the artistic head of the Schöne Aussicht festival. She actively campaigns for the promotion of professional children and youth theatre and chairs the German section of ASSITEJ. In 2014 she received the Order of Merit from the State of Baden-Württemberg for the founding the JES and for her successful work there. For the production of “Noch 5 Minuten“, she, together with Ives Thuwis-De Leeuw, received the German Theatre Award DER FAUST in 2009. She lectures on drama, stage direction and theatre management in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Munich.

David Gruschka

David Gruschka (*1982) studied theatre pedagogy at the HS Osnabrück, directing and acting with Marcelo Diaz, and “Devising Theatre and Performance” at LISPA. He headed the studio theatre at the institute for theatre pedagogy Lingen and lectures on theatre for a young audience, directing and cultural management. As part of the artistic management of echtzeit - theater, he was invited to numerous festivals and won several awards. The ensemble has been receiving excellence funding by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2019. He is engaged in several cultural  panels and is a member of various juries.