I Furiosi – Die Wütenden

Schauspiel Staatstheater Stuttgart / Theaterhaus Stuttgart

When: 2003
Where: Arena Treptow
Who: 14+
Duration: 110 minutes

The Ultras from the AC Milan fan club are proud oftheir „heroic“ odyssey through Europe's cities and stadiums. For them, the most important part of the game takes place after regular playing time, and not on the football field. This piece is about the all-out war between fan groups, a war which the public only gets rare glimpses of when, due to especially excessive violence, it hits the headlines. These self-proclaimed „heroes of the moment“ fight each other with every possible means and as they do, bit by bit, they reveal their individual stories: their hopes and dreams, in particular those which have been shattered.

Director: Sebastian Nübling
Stage and costume design: Muriel Gerstner
Music: Lars Wittershagen
Dramaturgy: Carl Häser